bass, vocals
guitar, backing vocals
drums, backing vocals

The Richies are the Richies. The Richies play straight ahead pop-punk with a delicious German flavour. Their music is characterized by uncompromising fast, loud and distorted guitar and correspondingly bass and drums, combined with ear worm catchy melodies. Punkrock according to the German brewing rules of 1516.

They came together probably in 1987 or 1988, they do not know themselves exactly. Based on their preference for bands like the Ramones and the Beach Boys, they had to find each other and probably did so at Duisburg's legendary chip shop, Peter Pomm, in the beautiful Duisburg-Marxloh. With their characteristic humour they produce unique songs with ear worm catchy melodies with a warm fuzzy edge. With sweet love ballads, surf and summer sensibilities and always ready to put the foot on the accelerator. They are smooth in the studio and crazy as fuck on stage.

After a few concerts, they released their first single "Fish Licence" in 1989 , followed by four albums (LPs / CDs) on We Bite Records and various sampler contributions and split singles until 1996.

With numerous tours with famous bands in renowned countries worldwide, they captured the hearts of a worldwide audience. The band was put on hold in 1996 or 1997, then only because the Richies just got tired of all the bullshit. A few years later, 2012, they had been sorted out again.

The Richies do not care do go down in history as great instrumentalists, but as a great band. Their songs are sometimes playful, sometimes a little sick, sometimes peculiar, and sometimes hard to understand but always with a certain twinkle in the eye. With their unique way, the Richies created a vital branch on the proud family tree of Rock’n’Roll.